Written by Dina Shtull:

Join our Track-A-Palooza, a fun social event combined with our annual membership meeting.  It will take place on Sunday, November 10th, 6:30 pm at Weber’s Inn.  After voting on our new slate of board members, we will have great food and drinks ($22 & cash bar), recognize running partners and Rock Stars, play some games, and win some prizes.  Sign up here using this link: Every person who attends will receive a free gift!  (Note that members may attend to fill out a ballot, without participating in the food and festivities.)  Also, bring up to ten of your kid-friendly medals to donate to Mott Hospital.

So who are our 2019 Rock Stars!  Well, you all are!  But this year, we will be recognizing the following members:  Friends and fellow AATC members will introduce them at Track-A-Palooza.

  1. Steve Hinzmann – Crazy Run‘s Rock Star.  Steve, have  you counted over the years how many courses  you have marked in sun, rain, and snow?  He is also the anchor of AATC teams in Great Lakes Relay and Dances With Dirt.
  2. Lillian DeBacker: Another Crazy Run Rock Star who is the run’s private pastry chef, not to mention her running prowess on Sunday, A2 Run & Tours, and as a member of AATC Dances With Dirt 2019 team.
  3. David Fisher: Having reached the age category of 65-69, he still runs under a 7 minute pace, and stands on the podium at the end of a large race – first place, Crim – way to go, David!  David continues to be a regular volunteer presence at Dexter A2.
  4. Ella August: 50 mile run in honor of her 50th birthday!!  In addition to being a running rock star, Ella is also a “volunteer” rock star – the creative energy behind the night and art runs, with more fun ideas likely up her sleeve.
  5. Martha Siegmund:  IRONWOMAN!  No joke.  Marathon runner, after first completing a 2.4 mile swim AND a 112 mile bike ride — one after another.  Need we say more??!!
  6. Maria Zampierollo:  100K at Woodstock!   OMG.  Absolutely Outstanding.
  7. Doug Goodhue: NATIONAL record-setting running Rock Star who also puts every ounce of his energy into our Dexter A2 Run.  We would not be where we are today, without Doug.

Come join us at Track-A-Palooza!!  Come have some fun and help us acknowledge our many Rocking Stars!

Zampierolo            DavidF

Maria Zampierollo                                                                    David Fisher

ADoug2          AMrth        Aella       ALill

Doug Goodhue                                       Martha Siegmund                       Ella August                   Lillian DeBacker

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