January 23, 2019 – Running on the New U of M Track!

Written by Dina Shtull:

AATC’s Wednesday evening workout at the new U of M 300 meter track exceeded expectations!!  We had over-capacity attendance (60+ runners) on a cold icy night in January when people could have opted to stay in.  Instead, they came out to run.  Runners came from Toledo, from PR Running Club, Lily Park, AA Running Company, and of course AATC.  We also had a contingency from Ann Hua Runners Club.  There were many comments of appreciation.

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful facility the UM track is.  I am looking forward to returning for the next event.  Loved the workout!!!   Debbie Schmidt, Toledo

Indeed, it was a special night.  Great to see so many diverse runners come to the workout.  A number of people told me they really appreciated the opportunity.  Thanks Dina, James, Javier, Brian, and the board for making this happen.  Coach Stani Bohac

Thank you for the opportunity to race and workout on the new UM track and for hosting last week’s track meet at EMU….It’s great that we now have access to two universities.  I’m sure the negotiations are time consuming, but they are probably the most valuable sessions a runner can do over the winter months.   Jason Hall

This was a night that fulfilled many of our strategic goals — combining member activities and services to welcome all types of runners; offering additional running experiences that allow members to view AATC as the focal point of their running experience; and building partnerships with other organizations to strengthen our running community.  It  was a stand-out night for AATC which came across as a lead running club in this community, offering unique experiences to its members and beyond.

A special shout out to Coach Stani Bohac whose workout was perfect for this gathering – a workout that connected people in teams of two.  A special thanks goes to James Edwards whose consistent presence at registration was, once again, very helpful.  Thank you to Javier Pescador for taking pictures so we have feed for our social media.  We are grateful to all the runners who ran!  The evening was fun because you were there!

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