Find Your Pack

“My proudest achievement,” reflected Ariel Raupagh, “was running the Dexter-Ann Arbor 5K in 2015 thirty-five weeks pregnant with Alex, my youngest son, while pushing my eldest, Nolan, two and a half at the time, in the jogging stroller.”

“It was the most enjoyable race I’ve ever run.”

The sheer heart, strength and selflessness evidenced by Raupagh’s finest moment are qualities Ariel has always possessed and applied to every facet of her life.

In 2006, this ‘California Girl’ moved to Ann Arbor to help family overcome challenging medical obstacles and decided to stay after meeting “Elliot,” the love of her life, a happy twist of fate for the Ann Arbor Track Club.

Despite her passion for the sport and much success throughout her high school and collegiate career, Raupagh proclaims herself a “recreational fun-runner at heart,” crediting the new life her running has taken on in recent years to the Ann Arbor Track Club.

“I’ve been a runner my whole adult life; it’s a huge part of my identity, but until I started running with the Club, I ran alone, redundantly and dealt with a lot of injury.”

A member since the fall of 2015, Ariel prides herself on running ‘three Club runs a week, injury free, at a pace nearly as fast as her collegiate years running half the weekly mileage, two kids later, enjoying the most fun running experiences of her life.’

Raupagh further emphasizes that her running has become more holistic which has enabled her to become a stronger person overall, physically and emotionally.

“None of this would have happened without the Club,” Raughpagh insists.

Combined with her natural passion to share her love of the sport, Ariel has made it her mission to give back to the Club, and November 20, 2016, Raughpagh became the newest member of the AATC.

“I am elated that Ariel was elected and has become one of our Club’s young leaders,” exudes AATC President, Mitch Garner.

“The talents and insights Ariel has already brought to our Board are very much appreciated. We look forward to working with her in using those talents and insights and thank her for spreading the word and singing the praises of the AATC.”

Elliot Andrews, Ariel’s very proud coach and father who has witnessed first-hand the peace and good health running has brought his daughter, concurs –

“I have seen Ariel come full bloom since she has become a mother and found the Ann Arbor running community. She is as happy and healthy as I have ever seen her.”

Ariel stresses the importance of “finding your pack,” and elaborates how happy she is to have found her own in the AATC.

What Ariel must recognize though shared by virtually all enriched with her presence, is articulated by AATC adult workout coach, Stani Bohac –

“Ariel is a phenomenal runner, one of the strongest runners in the AATC, yet she is humble as can be, down to earth, and a super nice person. She brings great ideas and energy, and I look forward to an even better club with her leadership.”

As do we all.


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