Ann Arbor Track Club Summer Mile, Fast & Fresh!

Ten years ago, Stani Bohac graced the Ann Arbor Track Club with his inspired coaching and competitive spirit. Ten years and twenty meets later, Bohac still finds a way to maintain his ingenuity.

The 2017 Ann Arbor Track Club Summer Mile held at the University of Michigan outdoor track Tuesday June 13 on a steamy pre summer evening, marked the twentieth AATC mini meet, all under the reign of Bohac, our revered, adult workout coach.

With a focus on the mile, “the gold standard of middle distance racing,” per AATC President Mitch Garner, there were separate heats and awards for various age divisions. Also included was a 4x400m relay, “For the sprinters,” Stani noted, a notion that resonated with many, including, Sam Junge, a self proclaimed “sucker” for anything that brings out his track spikes. Sam was an integral part of the second place (3:49) relay team that finished mere seconds behind the University of Michigan student comprised team (3:45) of Luke Peterson, Keenan Rebera, Matt Plowman and David Trimas.


Given the structure of the meet, the 52 competitors on hand could test their speed in a minimum of two events, and those with senior status had the option of racing within their own age competition as well as challenging the younger bucks and does!

Ariel Raupagh (37) did just that.

With a 5:31 second place finish in the women’s open mile, Ariel did a near immediate about face, returned to the start line and cranked out a 5:44 victory in the women’s 30 – 44 age group mile.

Impressive performances were had all night long as runners young and old left guts and glory all on the track, but the standard was set in the very first performance of the evening.

In a mini meet record breaking time of 5:00.68, Natalie Mackenzie seemingly glided through the finish line of the women’s open mile despite freak blasts of cold water, courtesy of the University track’s sprinkler system.


“In all my years of coaching here at the track,” Bohac laughed, “never have the sprinklers turned on even for a moment.”

Friend or foe, runners took the wet, comic relief all in stride, running round and round, puddles be darned, embracing the cold showers wherever and whenever they struck.

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