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2013 Fall Cross-Country Season (Ended on Saturday, December 14, 2013)


The mission of the Ann Arbor Track Club (AATC) Youth Program is to provide an athletic environment that can be both competitive and fun. We will instruct and encourage activities in track and field, race walking, and cross-country. The ultimate goal is to encourage development of good sportsmanship, knowledge of the rules, and respect for oneself, one’s fellow athletes, parents, and coaches.

The Youth Program offers three seasons throughout the year: (1) indoor track from mid-November through mid-March, (2) outdoor track from mid-April through late-July/early-August and (3) cross-country from late- August through early-December.

The program will be offered to any children from the ages of 6 to 18 and will offer competitive and noncompetitive running. The main goals will be to provide children the opportunity to run, learn the proper techniques in running, and providing additional coaching for children who wish to compete in meets.

The AATC youth cross-country season started on Monday August 26, 2013. Practices take place 6:30 - 7:30 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Practices for the first two months will take place at the University of Michigan Arboretum (meet at the Hospital Entrance parking lot).

Please note there will be no practices on Monday 9/2 or Thursday 11/28 because of the Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day holidays. For those kids who want to be part of our "Travel/Competition" team -- our first meet will be Saturday September 7th in Northville, MI. Kids are still welcome to train only but not to compete in meets, which may be more suitable for some of the new families with very young children. Lauretta Codrington (our Director of Parent Involvement -- Parents Committee) and I will explain how all this works during the first couple of weeks of the season.

In order to get the most out of our youth track program, kids are encouraged to attend as many practices as possible. But for those kids with prior commitments and scheduling conflicts during our practice nights (such as school, other sports and religious obligations) there is no requirement to attend every practice. If there are certain nights that won't work, please let me or the coaches know.

For those kids not competing in either the AAU or the USATF Junior-Olympics National Cross-Country Championships in December, their last X-C practiice of the season will be Thursday October 31. They will then have the option of participating in the AATC Youth Indoor Track & Field program, which starts Monday November 4.

For those kids competing in the AAU, but not the USATF Junior-Olympics National Cross-Country Championships, their last X-C practice will be Wednesday December 4.. Then they can also participate in the AATC Youth Indoor Track & Field program after they return from the AAU Junior-Olympics National Cross-Country Championships (which takes place Saturday December 7 in Augusta, GA).

For those kids competing in the USATF Junior-Olympics National Cross-Country Championships, their last X-C practice will be Wednesday December 11.
Then they can also participate in the AATC Youth Indoor Track & Field program after they return from the USATF Junior-Olympics National Cross-Country Championships (which takes place Saturday December 14 in San Antonio, TX)
The AATC Youth Cross-Country season ends for everyone on Saturday December 14, 2013.


Keep in mind that we do run in the rain, provided the rain is light-moderate and no T-storms. The "Arb" is a wooded area with hills as well as some flat areas and meadows. For those parents with young children who will coming for the first time, you are more than welcome to run with your kids. We encourage this for safety reasons so that the younger kids who may fall back don't get lost in the woods. In general, we will have 2 coaches at every practice, and we'll have one of them towards the back if necessary, but it's always good for parents of little ones to be there as well just to make sure all our kids are safe. We will also make a point to be out of the Arb before dusk -- which is why we start X-C at 6:30 PM and not 7 PM like we do for track & field practices.


Just show up with your kids during any night when practices are being held, and ask for Ron Beasley. Your kids should be dressed to run, since we'll start them running on the first night. Make sure your kids are wearing comfortable running/jogging shoes. For the new parents, there will be orientation sessions given periodically during the first 2 weeks of the season while your kids are training. New parents are encouraged to stay during the practices, observe how their kids are responding to the coaches and the practices, and ask Ron Beasley questions during practices (if you have any) or ask the coaches (after practice).

New families will receive a 2-week trial membership for each of your kids -- no annual dues are required. This "FREE TRIAL" period gives you the time and opportunity to decide if this program suits your kids' needs. You can pay your "AATC Membership Dues" later if you decide to join the club.

The 2013-14 AATC Membership dues are $15/kid or $35/family, whichever is cheaper. The dues can be paid either in person at cross-country practice (cash or check), or they can be paid online with a credit card at:  If you decide to pay in person at track practice, please be sure to turn in your "AATC Membership Renewal Form" as well, along with your payment. In order to simplify the processing of your membership, we encourage everyone to pay their AATC Membership dues online if possible. The "paper" AATC Membership forms will still be available for those who prefer to pay by cash or check, but they will be in limited supply


09/13/14 Kensington Challenge – Kensington Metro-Park (Milford, MI)
Contact: Doug Goodhue (248-762-3693),
10/25/14 AATC Cross Country Classic - Concordia University, 4090 Geddes Rd, (Ann Arbor, MI)

Contact: Ron Beasley (734-330-7931),



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  • Burns Park Run
    Sunday, May 4th, 2014
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    Sunday, July 13th, 2014
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    Saturday, September 13th, 2014
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